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To live a life in balance. To be completely in alignment, mind body and spirit. That is the goal; the ultimate desire. We can and should live a life of freedom. In meditation we free the mind to roam in the depths of our being where a fountain of joy is ever flowing. In yoga we learn to free the body from limiting patterns of pain, inflexibility and weakness, we study philosophical principles that support the practice and give it deeper meaning. Massage therapy helps to break physical and emotional patterns held deep inside the musculature that can cause pain and discomfort, we learn new ways to move in the body and experience the magic of therapeutic touch. I am Amanda Freed LMT, RYT, CMT, owner of Align, I offer public classes in yoga and meditation as well as private sessions, massage therapy and Skype and FaceTime distance learning. Workshops and retreats are offered periodically throughout the year and our retreats are a wonderful way to renew or begin your alignment journey. Whether you know it or not, you are aligning yourself with something; a way to be in your body, a belief system, an approach to life. Is your current alignment system bringing you all the joy and freedom it could and even if it is, do you ever wonder if there's more?

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