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April 2018 Cultivate Grace

Posted on April 9, 2018 at 7:15 PM Comments comments (65045)

Hello Beloved Friends and Yogins!

Happy month of renewal!

Whatever your spiritual belief, this season is a time people all over the world come together to celebrate life, regeneration and renewal. In fact all of our natural world participates in a dance of life at this lovely time. Wild flowers are bursting, animal babies can be found scampering around, and hearts all over are feeling the love! Indeed, spring is in the air!

I had the honor of spending Easter this year with the family of my daughter in law. My daughter has been married just over a year so I’ve known her/our amazing in-laws for about 4 years now. Of course I’ve always been a welcome guest in their home; the family is casual, fun, extremely family oriented and loving. But this year felt different, this time I actually felt like we were a melded family. I considered that perhaps the difference was that there were two newcomers at this feast and I wasn’t the new kid anymore, or maybe the fact that we really are connected by matrimony, or maybe the fact that our girls are figuring out marriage and life together has bonded us. Upon further reflection, and whilst watching my food cook and flowers bloom, I came to know what had brought us to this beautiful cohesion as a family: cultivation. Like anything in life that has any depth, relationships of all types take time to develop. Love, trust and connection require gentle, kind understanding and inquiry. It has been so incredibly wonderful to experience the growth of these relationships and to feel really a part of an extended family. I can’t wait to see how we bond when our daughters become mothers!

Never one to leave well enough alone, of course I decided to dig deeper into this as a concept. The consummate inquiring yogini, I wanted to explore the other areas of my life that have been refined as a result of cultivation. Think about gardening or cooking, not only does it take time and a mountain of patience to allow living things and recipes to develop their to full potential, it takes time for us as humans to develop the skills to get the flavors, timing, watering, serving, etc., just right. How many faux pas or crunched toes does it take to learn a new dance step, how many fallen soufflés to get just the right loft, how delicately must we tread in new relationships before we know each other well enough, trust the other will stay around before we can really be ourselves? Relationships are like plants in that they need to be carefully cultivated. In relationship the foodstuff might show up as time, inquiry, listening or just being together. The water might be learning what the other needs to feel safe and offering that. The serving, well that’s getting to the finish when it all comes together.

Here’s another concept; whether you know it or not, you’re always cultivating something in your life. You are giving your time, attention and care to many things and they’re growing. Matt Kahn says, “Whatever is showing up in your life right now, you’re telling the universe you want more of that”. And I couldn’t agree more. You see, you’re constantly feeding something; people, work, attitudes and belief systems, etc. Whatever is abundant in your life right now is so because you have fed it a steady diet of love, attention, even disdain, but feed it you continue to do else it would wither and die.

So, my beloveds, what are you feeding; loving, balanced relationships or draining ones, healthy attitudes or self deprecating, limiting beliefs; fear or heroism; lack or abundance; light or darkness, grace or grief? At every given moment the universe is offering you everything with open arms, it’s simply yours to fold your arms around that which you wish to nurture and cultivate and allow the rest to simply fall through. Read the tale of the two wolves below and I pray you choose your wolf carefully.

In Love,

February Newsletter 2018 Already There

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February 2018 - Already There

Hello Beloved Friends and Yogins,

Have you heard the currently popular expression “Live the life you choose”? I have, and I have found it to be by turns both inspiring and terrifying. Inspiring because it’s a reminder that the possibilities for success, joy and love are limitless. Terrifying, when I think I haven’t lived up to my potential, terrifying when I measure my own journey against that of others, terrifying when I believe freedom to be irresponsible or that happiness is some far off brass ring just out of my grasp at all times.

You might be wondering where this particular journey down the rabbit hole of my consciousness began. As many of you know, I travel A LOT for work these days. Well, recently while chatting with a friend, the conversation took an odd turn. In hindsight I realize I must have been excessively complaining (as humans are wan to do) about my current work situation. My beautiful, supportive friend in all of her loving kindness and compassion looked me in the heart and said to me “I’m so sorry you have to do this”. She was sincere and warm and I was immediately struck! Ugh, this was quite an unattractive perspective that I was shocked at myself for espousing. I was immediately called to take an internal inventory and found that in doing so I thoroughly enjoyed the questions this interaction was bringing up. What sort of awful picture was I painting with my words? When did my vision of myself in my life shift to that of victim? Who said I “had’ to do this? Who sentenced me to a life of right livelihood, a well paying job that affords me the chance to do healing work where it’s both needed, and appreciated, be treated well and respected and travel abundantly? No sooner did I begin to ask the questions than the answers came in abundance! I said yes at some point to all I have and furthermore I continue to say yes to it daily or it wouldn’t be here. And the moment I saw my life in this light I began to enjoy what I’m doing. In essence, I remembered I CHOSE THIS LIFE, and at this point I wouldn’t choose any other. There are so many massage therapists I know who would give anything to enjoy the opportunities I’ve had.

I want to be clear here that I’m not talking about gratitude here; we can save that chat and why I don’t love that word as a concept for another day. I’m talking more about seeing your life with a new perspective. I’m referring to taking responsibility for EVERYTHING in your life today, realizing that each and every aspect of your life is present due to some action that you yourself put into motion at some point. Essentially, we are all already living the life of our choosing. I hope I have been able to convey the incredible impact this exchange has had on me. Below are a few of the blessings I count which have replaced my whining:

Lovely interactions with colleagues and elite athletes

I’m an integral part of a team which is a HUGE lesson for me in this lifetime

A deep sense of belonging, love, and appreciation

Ability to draw healthy boundaries and still be valued

So much more…

By taking responsibility for my choices I realized, maybe for the first time, how and why I was right where I needed to be and that all the lessons I was seeking for my growth were under my nose. I also learned that living the life of my choosing isn’t some futuristic hope but the ability to fully experience my own wisdom and live to the fullest the choices I’ve made until they’re rung out of usefulness and then I’ll make some new ones!

“There’s no place like here”.


In Love,


Newsletter July 2017

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July 2017 - Breaking the Silence

Hello Beloved Friends and Yogins,

Happy “Hell Hath no Fury as a Tucson Summer!”

Well the universe has certainly turned up the tapas (fire/heat). In many ways we are being charged with finding our fieriest selves and crusading for the lives we want, on global and personal levels. My way to do that is usually to get quiet and turn in.

Many of you have asked if I’ve lost your email addresses. No, I didn’t, I’ve just been silent for a while. I actually wanted to begin this installment with “Forgive me Father, my last Newsletter was 3 months ago” but I decided not to apologize for my choice to muzzle myself. It’s a right I reserve when I need to and firmly believe you should too. There is a power in silence as well as in solitude, perhaps you've heard me teach about this.

A lot of very real life had come my way in the past 2 years and I had been feeling a need to regroup, even reinvent myself and some of my work. You see, sitting in quiet solitude can be really hard, but for me, it yields very high results. When I hear a call to action, my first task is inaction.

The universe for some time now has been asking me to “have faith” “just wait”. I put those phrases in quotes because as a clairsentient and clairaudient I tend to hear and feel messages very clearly and that’s just how that information came through. So I’ve been doing just that: unlike in the past when I’ve anxiously jumped into my next costume, this time I got quiet and waited. I’ve meditated a lot, slept a lot, cried a lot and done a lot of nothing. I kept working a few jobs and maintained friendships and family connections, but other than that I coasted. I’ll have to say much of what’s coming is still in incubation but I was ready at least to connect with you all and share some of the process.

1. Boundaries - ever more firm.

2. Language - ever more clear, concise but kind.

3. Goals, desires, talents - honed

4. Calmness - ahhh

I’ve been so fortunate to be received so well in Tucson, my desire now is to support you all more fully in leading Aligned lives including body, mind, spirit practices and experiences. I’ve been working on expanding my offerings to include sharing the intuitive gifts I was blessed with. Some time ago I shared with you that I was offering Intuitive Connection Healing sessions and that area of my work has really taken off. Every session is quite different and led by the needs and desires of each client. I love this work as I get to act as a liaison between the client and his/her own higher consciousness. We are all deeply connected to spirit through the body and at all times it is trying to guide us, but sometimes the reception is staticky. That’s where I come in, as a sensitive, neutral party I get to interpret those subtle messages and clear blockages allowing growth and expansion in areas that were previously feeling stuck. A session might include laying on of hands, chakra stones and oils or burning of specific chakra resins. It’s very exciting work and someday I will teach it to other practitioners.

Available NOW - I’ve created items for sale; magnets with inspirational quotes $5 for a set of 4, lavender sachets $3, for relaxation, and more. I’m in process of writing 2 books, the first of which is a sweet little book of daily reflections called “Divinely Flawed and Wildly Amused” which will go to print shortly. The second called “Breaking the Monkey Mind Myth” is a serious support book for meditation and will take a minute longer…

So, that’s my news, what’s yours? What are you cultivating right now and how can I help?

Please check out the Upcoming Events below and as always, feel free to reach out with questions/comments or just love.

In Love,



Upcoming events

“The Art of Saying No” Saturday July 15 @ 10 - 11 a.m.

The Core at La Encantada

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“The Art of Slowing Down” August 26th 10-11 a.m.

The Core at La Encantada

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Coming in September: 4 week Mindfulness Meditation Workshop at The Core at La Encantada - TUESDAY EVENING EDITION!!!


Private, group and corporate Mindfulness and Meditation workshops, retreats and inservice available

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You Are a Gift

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October 2016 - You Are A Gift

Hello Beloved Friends and Yogins,

It is time; it is now! You are being asked to step up, to embrace your power as a human and spirit. What will it take for you to accept how powerful you are and live your greatness?

We all do it, we play small and give our power away. How many times have you heard yourself say things like “I wish I knew what to say” or “ I wish I had your power/intuition” or “I couldn't do/say that”? That’s fear talking and it can be deafening, but we can choose to hear it and still love it away. Disempower fear!

Here’s what I want you to know my dears, there’s not a one of us who is more powerful, strong, or intuitive than the others. Opening to your own greatness is like turning on a switch. It does require a desire and some commitment, but it’s at each of our fingertips.

We’ve all been out there in the world, we know what’s going on. Even for me, the proverbial ostrich, the state of humanity cannot be denied. We are in dire straights my loves and it’s going to take every conscious, kind hearted human, working at full capacity to turn things around. We need to turn our lights on to their highest settings and shine the shit our of this planet!! Just by the mere fact that you're reading this right now, I know you're on board!

Recently, I had the honor of sitting with a beautiful friend after a long hiatus and we caught up; shared our recent stories and just loved on one another. The next day, she referred to me as a “beautiful light in this world”. I was dumbstruck as I truly felt that because I trust her so, I had shown her my shadow side, and through that, she still saw my light. That’s love, that’s a reward for trust, that’s grace in it’s purest form. We can all learn from this. No matter who you are, where or how you live, you are made of a light which has a brilliance with an intensity you can't imagine. For the first time in our human history, en masse, this light is burgeoning to the surface; we are being called upon to act as Partners in Peace. You know it; the call of your heart cannot be denied! You're aching to be of higher service to yourself and the world around you. Your spirit is calling!

So, through our humaness, with all our inherent darkness, how do we begin to let our lights shine? At the risk of being a broken record, we need to start by centering ourselves;meeting our highest consciousness on the daily.

I’ve started a movement called #CommitoSit. I’m asking everybody in ear or email shot to join the Facebook #CommitoSit group, like the Facebook CommitoSit page and then commit to sit for 9 minutes a day in meditation on peace and love. Come get some stickers and share this with everybody who will listen! It’s a small request with big, powerful possibilities. First, we practice to achieve a peaceful, loving attitude toward self. Suddenly, this feeling spreads to all we encounter and “poof” the world changes. Meditation is such an incredibly accessible and powerful tool and it’s our only way of changing the outside…by accessing the wellspring of love inside.

You are love, you are divine, you are loved, you are needed! You can change the world.

I Love You,


Reestablishing Lost Connection...

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July 2016 Reestablishing Lost Connection

Hello Beloved Friends and Yogins,

Is it hot in here…? Argh, sometimes, just sometimes I hate my technology. I’m talking cell phones, complicated computer issues, inanimate objects that can contract viruses…etc. In my best of times though, I understand and allow for the fact that EVERYTHING in my world is a manifestation of the DIVINE in some way and is here for my growth.

Not immune to our information super highway I’m almost aways working, inasmuch when I leave my house, my WIFI and I try to keep some sort of contact on my phone. Lately, I keep getting this message “Reestablishing Lost Connection” while my phone, which is convinced it’s infinitely smarter than I looks for something to cling to so it can once again help me google my way to wisdom. Being the yogini that I am which sometimes means seeking G-d in all things, that phrase struck me one day and it won’t let go.

As most of you know I recently spent a month in Mexico, but what you may not know is that my partial intent for the trip was to give myself what I called a much needed “hard reset”. I’d had a difficult year on many levels and felt as if I needed some distance and clarity and to close some doors and clean a few slates. Then that message on my phone kept popping up and it really struck me that was exactly what I was doing. By removing myself from my familiar surroundings, having some extended quiet time to just be and walk on the earth I was reestablishing my lost connection with myself again. And because we are never the same exact being from one phase of life to the next, perhaps I was connecting for the first time; after all I’ve never been me in this very moment in time! How about you, are you feeling deeply connected or overwhelmed?

Yes, of course at times we lose our connections; life circumstance is constantly pulling us this way or that. No it doesn't have to last forever; nothing does anyway and no,we are not truly lost. How, you might ask, do we lose our connection, or what are we supposed to be connected to in the first place? The connection is to our deepest consciousness, that which many of us know as “the still small voice”. You know, that barely audible voice that tells you when something’s not quite right, or when you're off the mark; have you heard it lately? Life is so “noisy” these days! There is a constant din of technology, people, cars, food and 1,000,000 other things to distract us. So that voice, yes the one that has all the wisdom is often drowned out or even forgotten. Ask yourself this, “when I’m faced with a decision, how do I come to my conclusion?”. Do you ask friends for advice, stay awake nights and worry, ponder or cogitate, or do you turn your attention in, connect with your breath and ask in a gentle loving manner what would suit your deepest self? Yea, ponder that; no, don't enter into judgement, just ponder. See, so few of us have been taught to value ourselves on a very deep level that it doesn't even occur to us that we have access to all we will ever really need to know right within our own hearts. Further, whether you can hear it or not, that voice is in there and it’s your best and truest advisor.

So how does it happen that we get reacquainted with this voice? How can we turn up the volume on the subtle and turn down the volume on the never-ending stream of static we are all subject to all the time? Of course my first answer is a daily, well taught, committed to and consistent meditation practice. And sometimes despite all that and our best and truest efforts we need more. A hard reset is what it might be called in computer terms, a huge dose of Shakti (emissional power of the universe) in yogic terms, a sabbatical, time out, retreat; whatever you call it; do it. Get yourself out of your daily reality, decide to not think about or decide what your life will look like at the end. Be truly present in every moment without projecting your attention in the future or the past, soak in every second of being in your own divine presence, notice every sound, color, feeling. Afford yourself space and time, even if it’s in your own home, just do it because you deserve it, you need it and you're not really you without it. When you return to your daily “reality” be open to what is. You may be surprised at what has shifted when you have indeed re-esablished your connection to Self; often times it is the opposite of what you expected, then call me or another trusted friend and share your experience. Then, bring your renewed, beautiful self out into the world and light it up!! You are Divinity embodied!


In Love,


June 2016 Newsletter

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Hola De Mexico!

I’m sitting “in” the outdoor living room at Playa Viva in Juluchuca Mexico right now thinking of all you beloved souls, my friends and students wondering what your lives are like right now, in this very moment. I’ve been so blessed to be afforded the opportunity to spend a few weeks working here in this secluded paradise, so for me, this moment within is calm, but outside the ocean is fierce! She is loud and constant, at one moment receding and quiet and in an instant she rises up, threatening to swallow all that is in her path. Soft, salty, sweetness and then raging with power! Sound familiar? I think I’m ridiculously similar to the ocean!

I’ve never before been afforded the opportunity to lay my head down at night mere feet from the ocean and I must say, it’s a perspective changing experience. As I hear the surf throughout the day as the star player in my awareness I’m reminded once again of the mutability of life, but at night, all is amplified. The ocean seems to roar louder and all her children join her in a cacophony of nature’s song! Roosters (yes they don't only crow in the morning), frogs (the strangest you've ever heard), and all manner of beasts raise their voices to greet the moon, and then commences the loudest lullaby I’ve ever heard and may not be able to sleep without. Oh the hours I’ve spent trying to create an image of how to duplicate the beach life in the desert!

Cuando eres joven, quieres comer el mundo"

“When you are young, you want to eat the world”, one of the many gems I will bring home from this beautiful Mexican experience! It means when we are young we want to taste everything the world has to offer, we want to ingest and consume her, become a part of everything and let it soak in and create the fabric of our being. Such a beautiful quote and even more beautiful sentiment, and how true it is! But what if you missed that boat, didn't eat the world when you were young, or ate some and are still hungering? Or what if you never felt that hunger before? Is it too late? Somebody recently asked me “what do you want to be when you grow up?” A bit pretentious and ballsy to ask that of a fifty something woman I think, but ask he did. I simply answered “I already did that, I’m growing in the other direction now”. I was a very serious young person, I took my responsibilities to heart, made sure I had a bit of money in the bank, a secure place to live and food on the table. I was never late for anything and raised my kids as if one mistake would blow the whole shebang! Life was SECURE and I was exhausted! So now, here I am, in my second chance to eat the world and eat it I will. I will take every opportunity to “LIVE” that comes my way! I will travel and take chances, feel my fear and walk straight through it because often what scares me also makes me feel more alive, I will go where my heart leads and tell my head to quiet down unless it has something positive to say.

I’m in my last few days here at Playa Viva and as I told a friend recently, there’s been nothing here that hasn't been wonderful. From the fear that I felt at customs, finally understanding what it’s like to be a stranger in a strange land, to the Eco Tianguis- farmer’s market where we sell veggies (that’s a story in itself), to the amazing guests, locals and coworkers I’ve met here. At the outset, I was terrified, I had no idea what to expect, personally, financially, physically, emotionally, etc. In my past I would feel my fear and let it stop me but through some very difficult life circumstances as well as yoga and meditation I found my brave heart and realized living in fear is no way to eat the world or even live in it. It is however a great way to experience nothing and stay in a very small, comfortable box. I’m so overjoyed I took the chance, ate the world and spat out the fear, lived this experience to its fullest and grew exponentially!

So, my beloveds, how will you eat the world next? What would you like to taste? What (as my new spaniard friend says) “tickles” you, piques your interest? What would you do if it didn't care the shit out of you? DO IT, then pat yourself on the back and share the story with all those who will listen, as your message of wonder and bravery are a gift that will keep on giving. Adventure, compassion fear, persistence and love; eat it all, live it all!


In Love,


Upcoming from Align…

An evening potluck, recap of my month of adventure and presentation of Playa Viva!

Meditation levels 1 and 2 coming Fall

Fair winds and following seas… 2016!Details to come; right now I’m in the current…


Sept Newsletter

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September 2015 - In The Flow


Hello friends and yogins,

I hope you're enjoying the amazing summer rains as much as I am! I get out and hike every chance I get and Seven Falls was truly spectacular this week! The falls were all flowing wildly into their respective pools and it was truly incredible to behold. Of course all this water got me thinking…where does the water go? How does it flow? It doesn't go to the highest point or try to return from whence it came, or stop its own flow. It falls gracefully, easily and sometimes powerfully in its own path, creating new and ever expanding land forms; truly miraculous!

What if we took our cues from the water and actually allowed ourselves to be in the flow of life without forcing, trying to recreate what has already passed or controlling our every step? What if we took the time to look inside ourselves every day and feel our heart’s desire and not the desires of our overly conditioned minds? Then we could take that information which is divine truth and allow ourselves to move toward our highest purpose and bliss in life. Yes, we have to work for the things we want and need, but in my experience, those things I had to push were never really the things that served my highest. We can have and achieve anything we want in life but at what cost? If we ask the questions in our quietest moments, “what is my life supposed to look like right now?”, “will this job, house, person, serve my highest purpose?” then and only then will we receive the answers that propel us to move in the right direction with the ease and effortlessness of the flowing waters. What happens though, when the water flows to a low spot? It just keeps going or simply pauses. It doesn't turn back and seek higher ground, it can’t, and neither can we.

To be in the flow truly means to be exactly where you are in the moment with courage and integrity. Every moment is not a moment to celebrate. There are times to grieve, to embrace our fears, to sit in discomfort and even, as my midshipman son’s group says, “EMBRACE THE SUCK”. Sometimes things just do really suck! There is little joy in losing a loved one, a job, a home, or a pet. There is no reason or necessity to put on a happy face or “look for the positive” in everything. That would be disingenuous and wouldn't serve anybody or anything! By being in the flow we can embrace whatever we are feeling and experience the full impact of that feeling in the moment without reservation. Cry, scream, whine and enjoy it1 Give yourself space to be exactly who and how you are right now! You will find if you do this, feelings have a way of moving on more easily. Like anything or anybody else, your feelings want a little attention, they just want to be noticed and acknowledged and then they have the freedom to be released. Feelings unreleased or held fester and become lodged in our subtle bodies and manifest as pain and even disease years down the road. Don't interrupt the flow of your own humanity; embrace it fully!!

More and more each day I am engaging in the practice of being in the flow myself. Where my stock answer to “how are you?” used to be “fantastic!”, I now answer truthfully. If I’m having a hard moment, I say so. I am in the flow of life along with all of you1 Being a yogini does not exempt one from the trials and tribulations of having a human experience, quite the contrary. Being a yogin teaches us to hold a compassionate space for ourselves and the rest of humanity in all our imperfect glory. So pull back baby and let it flow!


At precisely the appropriate time this year the Bowspring entered my life-

What is the Bowspring System of Sridaiva?


Sridaiva is a holistic mind-body approach that utilizes a dynamically balanced posture called the Bowspring.

The Bowspring is an ideal postural shape for all of your daily life’s activities. Consider enhancing your capacity in ordinary tasks like walking, sitting, housework, and even more specialized activities like yoga, jogging, or any athletics.

The goal of the Bowspring alignment is to achieve tensile strength and rooted lightness in any movement, while using the least amount of physical energy. It offers a new view on body alignment that keeps you living healthy at any age; cultivating graceful lightness and whole body strength.


I have been teaching this practice for 6 months now and my body hasn't felt this healthy in years and has never been stronger or more flexible! The system of alignment Sridaiva offers is revolutionary and can be practiced by all levels of ability. It is truly the process of stepping into the flow of movement our bodies were designed for. Students that have been practicing the bowspring with me have reported how much stronger they have become in a very short time. Everyday activities take on a whole new ease and awareness. In addition to the body connection, the bowstring offers a meditative component which allows for a true cohesive practice serving all aspects of the human condition. We truly become free to feel and move in a new way.


I’m ready aim the bow and launch the arrow of Sridaiva in Tucson! Stay tuned for classes or enquire about private lessons. Especially great for back pain sufferers!






Upcoming Events


Yoga at Crossfit 646

Special FREE intro Class Thursday 9/17 @6:30 pm


Wednesday night Mantra Meditation classes 6-7 pm. @3434 North Country Club Rd. Suite 120

Four week series starting October 7

Limited enrollment, call 520-591-8783 for details


Bowspring private lessons in my studio or your home. Learn an easier way to be in your body.


Private yoga and meditation classes in my mid town studio. Connect to your body through your highest consciousness!