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Reestablishing Lost Connection...

Posted on July 14, 2016 at 3:30 PM

July 2016 Reestablishing Lost Connection

Hello Beloved Friends and Yogins,

Is it hot in here…? Argh, sometimes, just sometimes I hate my technology. I’m talking cell phones, complicated computer issues, inanimate objects that can contract viruses…etc. In my best of times though, I understand and allow for the fact that EVERYTHING in my world is a manifestation of the DIVINE in some way and is here for my growth.

Not immune to our information super highway I’m almost aways working, inasmuch when I leave my house, my WIFI and I try to keep some sort of contact on my phone. Lately, I keep getting this message “Reestablishing Lost Connection” while my phone, which is convinced it’s infinitely smarter than I looks for something to cling to so it can once again help me google my way to wisdom. Being the yogini that I am which sometimes means seeking G-d in all things, that phrase struck me one day and it won’t let go.

As most of you know I recently spent a month in Mexico, but what you may not know is that my partial intent for the trip was to give myself what I called a much needed “hard reset”. I’d had a difficult year on many levels and felt as if I needed some distance and clarity and to close some doors and clean a few slates. Then that message on my phone kept popping up and it really struck me that was exactly what I was doing. By removing myself from my familiar surroundings, having some extended quiet time to just be and walk on the earth I was reestablishing my lost connection with myself again. And because we are never the same exact being from one phase of life to the next, perhaps I was connecting for the first time; after all I’ve never been me in this very moment in time! How about you, are you feeling deeply connected or overwhelmed?

Yes, of course at times we lose our connections; life circumstance is constantly pulling us this way or that. No it doesn't have to last forever; nothing does anyway and no,we are not truly lost. How, you might ask, do we lose our connection, or what are we supposed to be connected to in the first place? The connection is to our deepest consciousness, that which many of us know as “the still small voice”. You know, that barely audible voice that tells you when something’s not quite right, or when you're off the mark; have you heard it lately? Life is so “noisy” these days! There is a constant din of technology, people, cars, food and 1,000,000 other things to distract us. So that voice, yes the one that has all the wisdom is often drowned out or even forgotten. Ask yourself this, “when I’m faced with a decision, how do I come to my conclusion?”. Do you ask friends for advice, stay awake nights and worry, ponder or cogitate, or do you turn your attention in, connect with your breath and ask in a gentle loving manner what would suit your deepest self? Yea, ponder that; no, don't enter into judgement, just ponder. See, so few of us have been taught to value ourselves on a very deep level that it doesn't even occur to us that we have access to all we will ever really need to know right within our own hearts. Further, whether you can hear it or not, that voice is in there and it’s your best and truest advisor.

So how does it happen that we get reacquainted with this voice? How can we turn up the volume on the subtle and turn down the volume on the never-ending stream of static we are all subject to all the time? Of course my first answer is a daily, well taught, committed to and consistent meditation practice. And sometimes despite all that and our best and truest efforts we need more. A hard reset is what it might be called in computer terms, a huge dose of Shakti (emissional power of the universe) in yogic terms, a sabbatical, time out, retreat; whatever you call it; do it. Get yourself out of your daily reality, decide to not think about or decide what your life will look like at the end. Be truly present in every moment without projecting your attention in the future or the past, soak in every second of being in your own divine presence, notice every sound, color, feeling. Afford yourself space and time, even if it’s in your own home, just do it because you deserve it, you need it and you're not really you without it. When you return to your daily “reality” be open to what is. You may be surprised at what has shifted when you have indeed re-esablished your connection to Self; often times it is the opposite of what you expected, then call me or another trusted friend and share your experience. Then, bring your renewed, beautiful self out into the world and light it up!! You are Divinity embodied!


In Love,


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