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April 2018 Cultivate Grace

Posted on April 9, 2018 at 7:15 PM

Hello Beloved Friends and Yogins!

Happy month of renewal!

Whatever your spiritual belief, this season is a time people all over the world come together to celebrate life, regeneration and renewal. In fact all of our natural world participates in a dance of life at this lovely time. Wild flowers are bursting, animal babies can be found scampering around, and hearts all over are feeling the love! Indeed, spring is in the air!

I had the honor of spending Easter this year with the family of my daughter in law. My daughter has been married just over a year so I’ve known her/our amazing in-laws for about 4 years now. Of course I’ve always been a welcome guest in their home; the family is casual, fun, extremely family oriented and loving. But this year felt different, this time I actually felt like we were a melded family. I considered that perhaps the difference was that there were two newcomers at this feast and I wasn’t the new kid anymore, or maybe the fact that we really are connected by matrimony, or maybe the fact that our girls are figuring out marriage and life together has bonded us. Upon further reflection, and whilst watching my food cook and flowers bloom, I came to know what had brought us to this beautiful cohesion as a family: cultivation. Like anything in life that has any depth, relationships of all types take time to develop. Love, trust and connection require gentle, kind understanding and inquiry. It has been so incredibly wonderful to experience the growth of these relationships and to feel really a part of an extended family. I can’t wait to see how we bond when our daughters become mothers!

Never one to leave well enough alone, of course I decided to dig deeper into this as a concept. The consummate inquiring yogini, I wanted to explore the other areas of my life that have been refined as a result of cultivation. Think about gardening or cooking, not only does it take time and a mountain of patience to allow living things and recipes to develop their to full potential, it takes time for us as humans to develop the skills to get the flavors, timing, watering, serving, etc., just right. How many faux pas or crunched toes does it take to learn a new dance step, how many fallen soufflés to get just the right loft, how delicately must we tread in new relationships before we know each other well enough, trust the other will stay around before we can really be ourselves? Relationships are like plants in that they need to be carefully cultivated. In relationship the foodstuff might show up as time, inquiry, listening or just being together. The water might be learning what the other needs to feel safe and offering that. The serving, well that’s getting to the finish when it all comes together.

Here’s another concept; whether you know it or not, you’re always cultivating something in your life. You are giving your time, attention and care to many things and they’re growing. Matt Kahn says, “Whatever is showing up in your life right now, you’re telling the universe you want more of that”. And I couldn’t agree more. You see, you’re constantly feeding something; people, work, attitudes and belief systems, etc. Whatever is abundant in your life right now is so because you have fed it a steady diet of love, attention, even disdain, but feed it you continue to do else it would wither and die.

So, my beloveds, what are you feeding; loving, balanced relationships or draining ones, healthy attitudes or self deprecating, limiting beliefs; fear or heroism; lack or abundance; light or darkness, grace or grief? At every given moment the universe is offering you everything with open arms, it’s simply yours to fold your arms around that which you wish to nurture and cultivate and allow the rest to simply fall through. Read the tale of the two wolves below and I pray you choose your wolf carefully.

In Love,

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