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Massage Therapy - Modalities include therapeutic, injury rehab, sports massage, intuitive healing and trauma recovery. The body's cell memory holds all of our experiences and can create pain matrices. These deeply embedded pathways respond to massage as a safe zone and holding patterns can finally be released offering renewed freedom. Appointments in my beautiful office space or yours.

Yoga - Alignment based yoga asana classes for physical health and mental and emotional clarity. Honoring your individual body structure, capabilities and personal goals is essential to me. Attention to proper body mechanics and alignment principles is imperative to a safe, life long practice. Visit my Public Schedules page and come to class or schedule a private session. 

Meditation - Quite possibly the most important component in your health and wellness alignment package. ANYBODY can and should meditate! Meditation is the simplest form of deep rest and can be learned quickly and easily by every person. Unlock within yourself the ability to enjoy life on a deeper level. Amanda currently offers private and small group sessions, local and international workshops, and corporate meditation and mindfulness Retreats for businesses large or small. Design your own retreat!

Intuitive Connection Healing

You are more than your DNA determines you to be! Your magnetic field, sometimes referred to as your energetic body, extends beyond the boundaries of your skin and this is where true healing can happen!

Amanda has been an intuitive from birth and has the unique ability to "read" and assist in the shifting of energy allowing clients to clear old blocks and move forward in better health and happiness.

A session may include gentle, intuitive touch, laying on of crystals and gem stones, use of Chakra healing oils or resins and /or massage therapy and last between 1 and 2 hours.

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