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Soul ReadingsSit back, relax, focus on your breath, and during this 90 minute 1:1 session Amanda will guide you into an open, meditative space where the noise of the day is faint and distant and spirit messages are clear. Soul Readings are designed to help inspire those seeking connection with deepest SELF and intuition and struggling to find that connection on their own. Your spirit is calling out to you in many ways including gut feelings, intuition, illness, or unacceptable life circumstances, but with all of life’s distractions, the connection with your deepest self can be unclear and unreliable. Through many years of contemplative practices Amanda has achieved a level of clarity of spirit and will share those messages your spirit is trying desperately to communicate with you. We'll clear the dust that occludes your light, hear the deepest calling of spirit, and discover what that still small voice has been aching for you to know. Messages may come through your spirit guides, life experiences, or loved ones who have come into or left your life to assist your mission. Upon completion, Amanda will guide next steps which might include follow up additional Soul Readings, Mantra Meditation course, or 6 month Dharma Discovery Program.

Yoga - Amanda has over 20 years experience teaching yoga to students from all levels of ability including beginner, intermediate, athletes, people with physical/mental challenges, injury rehab, stroke and TBI survivors, and having had her own spinal injury, back injury survivors. Amanda offers alignment based yoga asana classes for physical health and mental and emotional clarity. Honoring your individual body structure, capabilities and personal goals is essential to me. Attention to proper body mechanics and alignment principles is imperative to a safe, life long practice. Visit my Public Schedules page to join a weekly ZOOM class or  schedule a private session. 

Meditation - Quite possibly the most important component in your health and wellness alignment package. ANYBODY can and should meditate! Meditation is the simplest form of deep rest and can be learned quickly and easily by every person. Unlock within yourself the ability to enjoy life on a deeper level. Current offerings include Mantra Meditation 4 week course for small groups or individuals, Guided Meditations on Fb live, Instagram, and youtube,

Dharma Discovery Program

      This exclusive 4 month course is

designed for those whose time has ripened to fulfill their unique, divine purpose. You know you’re dissatisfied with the mundane, you know you’re ready for something powerful but your exact path may not as yet be clear. Whether you know it or not, you’re a powerful light worker, and it’s time to step into your full potential to help heal the earth and devote yourself to a life of service. Amanda understands; she’s been there, she lives there, she’s spent years honing her skill to step into her power, now let her intuition and expertise help lead you to yours.

Your Dharma Discovery Program includes:

One Soul Reading 

Private instruction in- Mantra Meditation 4 Week Course

Weekly, Biweekly and monthly meetings including but not limited to-exploration of Yoga Philosophy, Contemplative Practices, Pranayama, Mindfulness Tools and daily excercises designed to help you move into your highest expression of SELF.

 Intuitive and practical step by step guidance.

Access to Amanda for support by text or email throughout your 4 month program